how i view…

motion blur.

DSC_3994 DSC_4006 DSC_4025 DSC_4026 DSC_4028 DSC_4032


how i view…

Fresh tomatoes…taken as a jpeg, edited only on my iPad. The best I can do without a smart phone with a camera. I know, I know…I’m a little old school when it comes to my phone. But this is a little different for me!

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how i view…

the beautiful ugly.

We’re potty training in this household. With my oldest, it didn’t go so well. I’m hoping it’s a little better for my littlest.

These photographs capture our little potty training moment…as beautifully as I can.

20130601-DSC_8083 20130601-DSC_8079 20130531-DSC_7998-Edit 20130531-DSC_7971

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how i view…

looking through glass.

I love this concept and really want to continue to explore this throughout the year.  I’m kind of bummed I didn’t get any good photos of my kiddos while I was looking through glass…but I’m definitely not going to stop trying!  My lovely little raindrops, shadows, and terrarium will do for now.






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monthly blog circle…food!

This month ended up being incredibly busy so I did not have as much time to practice as I would have liked. But here was the prep work to my Valentine’s Dinner, made by my husband at my request: shrimp and grits. He made his own shrimp stock and the thyme added a beautiful dimension to the sauce on the grits.

Unfortunately it was too late and dark for me to take a photo of the finished product…but it was fantastic!


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